Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Story

It has become a marketing commonplace today for businesses to tell their own unique “story,” or tales of how the business got started. The eureka moment when a new idea struck, or the grandparents brought the first seedlings from the old country, and similar histories, are all ways of helping to “brand” the company in the eyes of the consumer. These intriguing and often heart warming tales tell of the founding of the company and the dedication and sacrifice that brought it to where it is today. It is great stuff, and indispensable to many marketing programs.

We don’t have that kind of story. We are not descendants of Gutenberg, Ben Franklin or even R.R. Donnelly. We didn’t invent the technology or even a new way to use it. And we aren’t going to invent a heart warming tale to instill our brand into your memory.

We started in a small storefront in 1983 and learned very quickly that people bought printing because they had something important to communicate. Our job was to help them achieve their communication goals. We knew instinctively that if they succeeded in their communications, then we would be successful as well. We worked hard and took every opportunity to improve our skills.

Hard work pays off. Today, we are much bigger then we were in 1983, and the communications technology we use has expanded immeasurably. But some things have not changed. Our clients still have important things to communicate and our job is still helping them to succeed by providing the communications vehicles that help them to achieve their goals.

That’s our story.