Thursday, January 19, 2012

Karj's Myth #7

The following is an excerpt from Eric Karjaluoto's blog, Ideas on Ideas , a collection of essays on design, brands and experience. In this particular essay, Karj comments on claims occasionally made by advertising agencies, and labels them as "myths." Here is his myth number seven:

"Myth #7: Everything Needs to be Digital"

"Actually, a lot of it is digital—in that most campaigns need to eventually circle around to digital at one point or another. That said, it’s one part of a whole. Radio still works. Billboards still work. Television ads still work (sometimes). Product placement still works. Coupons still work. Newspaper ads still work. Direct mail still works. Handing out food samples at the grocery store still works."

 Eric Karjaluoto is Creative Director at smashlab.


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