Wednesday, November 4, 2015


How does your marketing add up?  Current trends that are making waves and getting noticed!

   When it comes to marketing your business it can be difficult to navigate through  the best options for you and your company. With so many marketing platforms to choose from it is no wonder so many businesses are getting lost in the vast sea of ads. Consumers are bombarded with dozens of ads on a daily basis, most of which get overlooked. We can help you change that! Below are two of the top current marketing trends that are sure to set you apart from the crowd and make your marketing investment a profitable one.

1) Brand Ambassadors…they’re not just for the big guys… and they aren’t necessarily what you think. When most of us think brand ambassadors we think of an athlete in a sports drink commercial or a celebrity promoting the latest fragrance. But times are changing and marketing is making a turn back to a localization. Many large brands are reinventing their marketing strategies back to a more grass roots approach and you can get in on it too, no matter what size your company is!

    Brand ambassadors don’t have to be famous, they just have to recommend your product or service to people they meet. This is typically done by using a referral system. Your ambassador would simply give a potential new client a referral card that provides a discount or other promotion for trying your services. When that new client redeems the card the ambassador either gets paid or earns points towards products or services. Whether you own a hair salon, a bar or a juice shop. Having clients who personally refer you is a trendy (and cost effective) way to build your clientele base. 

2) A brand to believe in…  Studies are showing that in the midst of the wide spread digital marketing craze, consumers are looking to balance consumption with more ethical concerns such as buying local and supporting the companies that are a part of their community.  By centering your marketing and promotional materials around being a local business, and supporting your local economy you will pique the interest of those in your community looking to build lasting relationships and strengthen the community. This can be a great way to build a solid foundation for your company to grow on.    
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