Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hidden Hazards of Email Marketing

Should you abandon your direct mail marketing in favor of an email campaign? The lower cost and instant dissemination of your message may sound appealing, but keep in mind that there are drawbacks. Emails are considerably less effective than direct mail for getting a response. A high percentage of emails are dismissed without even a minimal glance at the benefits your product or service is offering. Today’s decision makers are inundated with email and are quick to hit the delete button. 

And here is something else to consider; Some email providers, like Google and Yahoo, sell advertising space with each email. G-Mail uses keywords within your email to target ads to the recipient of that email. Whatever you are selling, Google will pick up on that keyword and deliver your message along with a column of ads from companies who may be selling the same thing! You may want to tell your customers or prospects about your special offer on fishing gear, but you may also be sending them “sponsored links” from potential competitors in the fishing gear business. 

We are not suggesting that you abandon email marketing altogether. On the contrary, use all the tools at your disposal. But when you consider the advantages, don’t overlook the limitations of your media. We use email marketing here at CR Print, but we also continue to use direct mail. The combination, or integrated marketing, works far better than either media by itself. Call us to see if your business can benefit from a multi media approach.


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