Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Every Door Direct Mail…
Is It Right For Your 

    Okay, so most of us have heard of every door direct mail, or as it is referred to in the industry, EDDM. If you haven’t, you’ve most likely received a piece of it in the mail at some point…That 20% off coupon from a big box store, or that advertisement announcing a local insurance agent… they are EDDM’s and you received them because you fit the area demographic of a consumer who would be most likely to use their services.

    The concept is simple, but the impact can be huge.  EDDM utilizes postal routes in order to mail your marketing material to every residence within a specific area for a flat rate without having the names and addresses of those you wish to target. What most people don’t know is EDDM isn’t just for mass mailings to entire zip codes.  EDDM gives you the ability to pick and choose specific neighborhoods or communities, giving you control over the demographic your marketing resources are reaching and in turn allows you to better monitor your marketing efforts.
This can be a highly advantages move for a small to medium size business owners looking to maximize their marketing budget.  The benefit of being able to hand select your targeted market will save you money by being able to limit the material waste cost of you printing and paying lower postage rates. With EDDM your marketing material goes straight to the consumer’s home and has a much higher rate of being viewed and utilized.  

    To best utilize EDDM you will want to use the help of a professional. The USPS has several guidelines for EDDM marketing materials and a professional printer can guide you on the sizing and paper requirements as well as help you design an ad that is unique and eye catching to the consumer. CR Print offers comprehensive EDDM services backed with extensive knowledge of area demographics for your business type, marketing material design and printing, as well as the ability execute your mailing services when you need them and on time.

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