Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How do your Business Cards Add 

up? ...    

Many of us out there think of a business card simply as a way to exchange contact information…little more than a fancy note card for someone to remember your contact info by and having little weight to bare in the networking process. So we invite you to ask yourself… “how do my cards add up?”  
 In a world saturated with options, our business cards are sometimes the very first impression of our business to potential consumers and are almost always the most lasting.  We will give you the insider scoop on what makes a business card great, share some common misconceptions about quality, and tell you how you can turn your business card into a powerful networking tool sure to make a positive (and lasting) Impact!

    What makes a great card great?
     A lot goes into a great business card, and a professionally designed and printed one vs. something you order from a popular online website will put you in a class above your peers, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult, or as expensive as you may think. That being said, the old adage “You get what you pay for” can ring true when it comes to how you choose to represent your business.  It’s good to keep in mind that a business card is a marketing tool just like an ad in a magazine or a direct mail marketing postcard and should be looked at as such when it comes to deciding on a budget.  
   Design is key.
    There are a couple of main components to a great business card. One of them being design. Design can make or break your card’s appeal and if you’re are looking to make a distinguished impression, this should not be left to a common template. The right design can create a lasting impression and determine whether or not your card gets noticed. The difference is truly in the details.
Think of your business card as a continuous ad. They are the longest standing marketing tool you will have and it is important that they make the right impression to consumers. A common misconception about having a business card professionally designed are the costs associated with it, leaving many business owners choosing predesigned card layouts online…the same layouts being used by countless other businesses. You are one of a kind and your business card should be too!  
The reality is, a standard card design and layout can be accomplished exactly as you envision it for less than the cost of the average lunch meeting and that initial investment can greatly affect the impact your cards have on consumers.   
    Next up…paper.
    The second aspect of a noteworthy business card is the paper type. It greatly impacts both the look and the feel of your card, two major aspects of it being memorable. Although they may seem like a quick and convenient option, when ordering cards from an online printer you are given the same handful of standard card stock options as everyone else.  The benefit of having you cards designed and printed through a professional printer is that you can be professionally guided through your options and can choose a unique paper type that best suits you, not the bottom line of the company you are ordering from.
   What's the next step?...

    If you are looking to set yourself apart from the crowd and take your business cards to the next level, you should strongly consider having them designed and printed at CR Print. You may be surprised to find how fast, easy and affordable designing your cards can be while having the added benefit of a friendly and knowledgeable professional working with you personally to achieve the best possible outcome. Put your card at the top of the                                                       stack! Call us or stop by today for a free quote! 

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